The Indispensable Role of a Real Estate Appraiser

The Indispensable Role of a Real Estate Appraiser

In the world of real estate, the role of an appraiser is often misunderstood or overlooked. However, their contribution is vital to the smooth functioning of the real estate market. A real estate appraiser is a certified professional who provides market-based evidence as to the value of a property. As the only neutral party involved in a real estate transaction, their unbiased valuations ensure fairness and transparency for all parties involved.

The Appraiser’s Role: Unbiased Valuation

An appraiser’s primary role is to provide an unbiased opinion of a property’s value. They do this by inspecting the property, determining what makes that home unique, comparing it to similar properties recently sold, making market supported adjustments, and explaining how the final value opinion was concluded. This process involves a deep understanding of hyper-local markets, statistics, and analytics.

Appraisers are the only unbiased party in a real estate transaction. Unlike agents and loan officers, whose salaries are based on the loan closing or home selling, an appraiser’s payment is not contingent on the transaction’s success. This lack of incentive to push a deal through allows appraisers to provide a voice of reason in the process, ensuring that the property’s value is accurately represented.

The Appraiser’s Impact: Consumer Advocacy and Public Trust

Appraisers act as consumer advocates, providing independence to the valuation process. They ensure that the financial position of the lender is balanced with the buyer’s need for an accurate market value of the property. This role is crucial in building and supporting public trust in our financial system. By providing reliable and accurate appraisals, appraisers help consumers feel confident in the home buying and mortgage loan process.

Choosing the Right Appraiser

Choosing the right appraiser is a critical step in the real estate transaction process. Here are a few tips to help you find the right professional for your needs:

Check for State Certifications: The appraiser should be a Certified Residential appraiser or Generally Certified appraiser. Being vetted as a VA roster appraiser and FHA roster appraiser are also good signs.

Consider Their Knowledge: The appraiser’s dedication to continuous learning, above and beyond the minimum required to keep their certification, is vital. As real estate markets, technology, and the availability of big data change the landscape of valuation; you want an appraiser who is staying up to date with these changes.

Review Their Online Presence: Check the appraiser’s business reviews, website, and LinkedIn profile. If you see a business with a high number of positive reviews, an informative website, and a well-connected professional account; these are strong indicators of reliability and high service demand.


Whether you’re a homeowner, realtor, or lawyer, understanding the role of a real estate appraiser is crucial. Their unbiased, objective valuations provide the foundation for fair and transparent real estate transactions.

If you need a reliable, experienced appraiser, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to provide you with accurate, trustworthy appraisals that will help you make informed real estate decisions.