Divorce Appraisals

Divorce Appraisals

How We Can Help You With Peace of Mind During a Divorce

We understand that if you’re here, you are likely facing a divorce or contemplating one. Let us extend our sympathies first. Divorce can be an emotional whirlwind, made even more complex when a shared home – your sanctuary of memories and investment – is involved. We understand this emotional gravity and strive to ease the appraisal part of this process.

What Happens in a Divorce Appraisal?

Divorces necessitate fair asset division, a process often complicated by shared real estate.  Our appraisals present an unbiased valuation, replacing emotions with tangible data, and facilitating smoother negotiations. Whether the marital home is being sold, or one party is buying out the other, our expertise in appraisals ensures a fair deal for all parties involved. We promise a professional, court-defensible appraisal that is handled with utmost sensitivity and confidentiality. In cases where conflicting opinions of value from both spouses arise, we’re ready to stand by our findings in court. 

The Edge of a Certified Appraiser

You have several options for determining your home’s value; however courts typically view a certified appraiser’s assessment as the most authoritative. Because appraisers are held to higher standards for impartiality, training, regulatory scrutiny, and independent judgment; you can be confident that your property valuation holds up under legal scrutiny. With a professional appraiser, you get not just a reliable opinion of value, but the peace of mind knowing that the process is comprehensive, authoritative, and ethically conducted.

We’re here to help, even if it’s a friendly chat to clarify your concerns about the process. There’s no obligation to use our services even if we provide assistance. If we can answer any further questions for you, please Contact Us. If you are ready to get started, complete our Order an Appraisal form, or Request a Free Quote.

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